Good Friday in Guanajuato… Las Tres Caídas, Guanajuato…


Looking for images of this beautiful tradition in my town, I found the following description on the blog Nuestra Mirada:

“Tradition consist in the participation of the CARGADOR (image above) in each neighborhood of the city. The most famous are  CATA and SAN ROQUE. The loads weights up to 1500 kilos and represent the Passion of Chist. Even older women participate in this celebration that had been taking place for more than 45 años. Every CARGADOR covers the face with a  CAPIROTE ( the mask), of a different color and body with a tunic made of a natural fiber named ixtle  wich can be from purple, brown or black depending on the age of participacion. They also have this necklace called LAZO made of ixtle too, the  BOWS and  LAZO length depends on the demand or promise they had made to Christ”

note: translation is mine

In front of my house this procession takes place, I will upload pics of mine later.


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