Good Friday with my own pics from 2007…

To keep on the before post, here I have some pics I took las year on Good Friday in Guanajuato. I am always moved by religious celebrations, and hope next year I can have a good camera to post some more photoes. Really hard to get the true feeling of the celebration, and more the emotions that moves me from the people participating in those.

By the way, the view is from my house, the way I had been seeing this celebration year after year, with the religious images passing by under my window.




The processioncontinues their way to the El Templo de Cata

A long line of people who are paying a "manda" wich means they have promised to walk using this clothes under the son barefoot, for having received special blessing.

After the truck that carries the chorus and the priest, the image of Jesus Christ is carried by the group of "Cargadores", (the men who carries)

The Christ

long line of "Cargadores"

Family supports all the way to "los Cargadores"


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