Jang Gi Ha and The Faces…

Jang Gi Ha and The Faces is such a hilarious group!!! My favourite song is “Cheap Coffee”.

This video is part of their performance at the show “Musica Travel La La La” which invites very good musicians on Korean  indie music.

Please, enoy!!

artist: 장기하와 얼굴들 (Jang Gi Ha and the Faces)
ttle: 별일 없이 산다 (Living Without Much)
type: studio album
release date: february 27, 2009
genre: indie, alternative, folk-rock, weird.

1. 나와  –   1. Nawa (Come out)
2. 아무것도 없잖어  –  2. Ahmugutdo Upjanuh (There’s nothing)
3. 오늘도 무사히  –  3. Ohneuldo Musahi (Ok Today)
4. 정말 없었는지  –  4. Jungmal Upsutneunji (Wasn’t there really nothing)
5. 삼거리에서 만난 사람  –  5. Samguriehsuh Mannan Saram (Person I met on the crossroad)
6. 말하러 가는 길    –  6. Malharuh Ganeungil (On the way to tell you)
7. 나를 받아 주오  –  7. Nareul Badajuoh (Receive Me)
8. 그 남자 왜  –  8. Geu Namja Wae (Why that man)
9. 멱살 한 번 잡힙시다  –  9. Myuksal hanbun jabhipsida (Be grabbed by the collar once)
10. 싸구려 커피  –  10. Ssaguryeoh Coffee (Cheap Coffee)
11. 달이 처오른다, 가자  –  11. Dalyi Chaohreunda, Gaja (Moon is rising, Let’s go)
12. 느리게 걷자  – 12. Neurigae Gutja (Let’s Walk Slowly)
13. 별일 없이 산다  –  13. Byulil upsi sanda (Living Without Much)

Tracks del 7-13

Server doesn´t let me upload track 9…¬¬… but the rest are ok…I think….


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