El estudiante..movie

Whaaa!!! I am so proud to share this with you ^^. This is a movie filmed in my hometown (Guanajuato, Mexico), and it displays with beautiful photography the surroundings of it. Hope you like watching it.

Basically The Student, is a story about a group of young people and a 70 year old man named Chano, who just got to sign up for  a Literature degree at university. In a very modern way of being like The Quijote will break the generation gap, through sharing wishes and dreams, but also  romance and friendship  will have to surpass different obstacles in life.


One response to “El estudiante..movie

  1. Hola Julie.

    Que buena onda que compartas esta pelicula. No la conocia y siendo un fan grande del cine internacional, te agradesco por darmela a conocer. La buscare y te dare mi opinion.

    Based on the preview, I definitely think I am going to like it.

    Ahh, y gracias por darme la idea de incorporar video a mis blogs tambien.

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