El secreto de sus ojos…

Ahhh!!~~~ what can I say…not much….I only feel like sharing this movie that moved me to tears….

Maybe like the lead character I did see my own life from another angle…and so then..it makes me think … well you have to see the movie to know what I mean ^^

Quotes I liked from the movie:
* “How do you do to live and empty life?, how do you do to live a life full of nothing?”
* “Eyes talk…eyes talk straight, should be better to shut up”
* “I do not know if it is a memory, or if it is a memory of a memory what I am left with, see?”
* “it´s been a long time since I said to myself, left this for another life…but now I wan to understand it all”
* “You can change yourself at all, but there is one thing you can not…you can not change your passion”

Wonderfull acting, script, direction and photography.

Love the lead actor and director since I watched “The Son of the Bride” El Hijo de la novia. ^^


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