Shinya Shokudo – “Late-Night Diner”

Shinya Shokudo (“Late-night Diner,” 2009, TBS/MBS)

Late-Night Diner  深夜食堂

–  a place to fulfill one’s stomach and heart –

A day finishes and people head home…
On some nights, they feel they still have something more to do
and want to stop by somewhere on their way home…

Story about a diner which opens from midnight to 7 a.m. with only 4 items on its menu. It shows heart-to-heart exchange between the chief of the diner and his customers. Drama adaptation of manga by Abe Yarou. (10 episodes)

Ep.                    Title                                 Script Writer                 Director

1    Red Weenies and Tamago-Yaki            Manabe Katsuhiko          Matsuoka Jouji
2    Neko Manma (food for cat)                Mukai Kousuke              Matsuoka Jouji
3    Ochazuke (rice with green tea)           Oikawa Takurou           Oikawa Takurou
4    Potato Salad                                    Oikawa Takurou           Oikawa Takurou
5    Butter Rice                                       Wada K.                     Tosaka Takuma
6    Katsu Don (pork cutlet bowl)            Manabe Katsuhiko          Matsuoka Jouji
7    Egg Sandwich                                   Manabe Katsuhiko         Yamashita Nobuhiro
8    Sauce Yaki Soba (fried noodles)          Oikawa Takurou           Oikawa Takurou
9   Aji no Hiraki (horse mackerel)             Mukai Kousuke             Yamashita Nobuhiro
10   Ramen                                              Manabe Katsuhiko          Matsuoka Jouji

Original Story/Manga:  Abe Yarou                      Producer: Moriya Takeshi, Tosaka Takuma
Food Stylist:  Iijima Nami                                        Design/Plan: Amuse, MBS (Mainichi Housou)

Cast:  Kobayashi Kaoru, Matsushige Yutaka, Andou Tamae, Ayata Toshiki, Yamanaka Takashi, Fuwa Mansaku, Motoi Hiroyuki, Odagiri Joe, etc.

Source:Viikii Channel

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Posted by Jiwon Ahn / Keene State College on March 26th, 2010


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