Like Water for Chocolate…

Another gourmet movie ^^

The following video shows a part of Mexican Movie “Like Water for Chocolate”, and it is about emotions and cooking.

The Recipie of Passion..Quails with petals from the roses

In the story Pedro gives a bouquet of roses to Tita “in honor of being head chef”. Mama Elena demands that Tita throw the roses out, but Tita, with her passion and love ignited, decides to cook Quail with petals from the roses instead. Pedro, Tita, Mama Elena and Gertrudis(Tita’s other sister) themselves feel incredible passion through the meal, while Rosaura find it inedible. After dinner Gertrudis runs to cool her body with a shower and Gertrudis’s body heat literally sets fire to the outdoor shower building, and she leaves the ranch naked with a revolutionary soldier (though she returns as the head of a revolutionary army).

For english subtitles of this part look at the next video around 7:24

About the movie…

This is a delicious film about love, tradition, passion, communication, and food. There is a presence and influence of magic and mysticism throughout the entire film connected with the allegory of food. The story is set in early 20th century Mexico, where a new life is coming into the world in a time of sorrow, as her father drops dead of a heart attack upon learning of parentage of his middle child. The protagonist, Tita is the last of three daughters is born to respected, affluent family, and inherits a dubious birthright. According to Mexican tradition (or according to some, myth) the last-born daughter is forbidden to marry so she can care for her aging mother. Tita is groomed for this position by working in the kitchen with the housekeeper Nacha, and becomes the family cook. As Tita blossoms into a beautiful young woman she falls in love with Pedro, a handsome local boy. Elena, Tita’s mother, refuses to allow Pedro and Tita to marry, but instead offers Pedro the hand of her eldest daughter Rosaura. Pedro accepts and Tita is devastated as she sees this a disloyalty, until she learns that Pedro’s true intent is to be close to Tita. To add insult to injury, Elena commissions Tita to prepare the wedding feast. This is our first encounter with the film’s mysticism and sets the stage for the relationship between sexuality and food. Tita cries into the cake batter and when the wedding party eats it, everyone cries for a lost love. Tita learns that she can communicate to Pedro through the very activity that imprisons her, cooking. This gives new meaning to the cliché ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Marco Leonardi (Cinema Paradiso)  is a great actor an this role is perfect for him, a timeless story , loved by the most of wiewers


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