A different look to the 100 years Anniversary of Mexican Revolution…

Found this interesting article about how photography played an essential role to the Mexican Revolution.

Francisco Villa (Pancho Villa , a fiercy militar man) was fond of cinema and photography, the same he used as a tool of propaganda.

Images played a key role, since media started to let aside the portraits of people from the upper class, to start to show the real state of a society and the matters of the country.

Eventhough photoraphy was not well developed, photographers made their best.

The Graflex is an example of a reflexsystem light camera patented in 1903 by Rochester Company.

Easy to carry, about 4 kilos, the same as a Mauser gun, could be packed in a bagpack, same the militaries used to carry their militar and personal utencils. The Graflex could take a broader shoot making also a little different the perspective which made the picture more realistic and atractive:

As an example, people riding, or up on a train, thanks to the effect of the new panoramic system, made it feel more real than ever before.

Now, the protagonist of the pictures were the peaseants and people who had been ignored by the lens.

Women played a key role as well. The “Adelitas”, women not only following their man, cooking, nursing, intelectuals making the speeches, but also fighting as well. A modern revolution in which women made the difference.


With this camera, images of federal soldiers in combat  and on their base camps, were inmortalized, as well as the artillery they use, the faces of  higher rank generals, every day scenes and even of disseases the suffer such as malnourish.






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