My hometown Guanajuato… ^^

Of course you are invited to visit my home town, if you like small cities with charm. In Guanajuato you will feel as if you were in a fairy tale. Beautiful in spring and summer.

In Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende ( a city near ) was filmed “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” with Johnny Depp, have you seen it?


3 responses to “My hometown Guanajuato… ^^

  1. Beautiful photographs! Thank you for posting.

  2. Hola Julie.

    Hope you are doing well. Thank you much for sharing. Tambien mi padre es de Guanajuato and you are right, it is beautiful. With God’s will, I would like to experience FIC this year again.

    Guanajuato, Irapuato, Abasolo, Cueramaro, Leon and many small towns I have had the pleasure. Ahhh, Corralejo, great tequila there.

    Once again, thanks for sharing the pictures. Me hizo recordar de cuando subi con unos tequilas con amistades alla por el pipila para ver la vista linda.

    • Hey!

      Mucho gusto en conocerte y gracias por pasearte por mi blog, je!, que no lo actualizo mucho y como verás, estoy en la etapa de explorar la cultura del Corea del Sur.
      Me cae muy bien conocer un paisano de corazón. ^^

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